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Roofing repairs and designs for commercial and traditional roofing.

Our roofing services

Artemis hold an experienced and expert roofing division to ensure we provide the highest specifications in design, specialising in all types of commercial and traditional roofing.

We have the capability to design and install new, or repair/refurbish existing roofs by offering specialisms in flat roofing, profiled roofing, built up or composite systems, all Decra installations and hand cut roofs. Providing the best quality, standards and finish every time.

We pride ourselves in the way we apply our skills to the HSE guidelines and we have the capability to install edge protections and wire harness systems to ensure a safe inspection to any roof can be undertaken.

All of projects are estimated by employed Quantity Surveyors who ensure that every job is tendered for in the right manner with no lengthy drawn out process. With communication being key throughout every service we offer, we want to always ensure that every client gets exactly what they want.

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Why Quirky?

Every job is a new challenge. We’re regularly tasked with resolving unusual construction problems of all kinds and we do it with a smile on our face!

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We’ve built a network of skilled professionals, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently in order to tackle every project with our unique approach.

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